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A comprehensive program for building back your skills and stamina to get back on the dance floor

The 21 Day Challenge is the only program of it’s kind that not only gets you back in dancing shape - but helps you improve on the way.

You fell in love with Lindy Hop. It was your outlet, your expression, your happy place, then the pandemic hit. At first you thought you’d be making the most of quarantine practice time but it’s been hard to stay motivated. Now you can’t wait to get back to dancing BUT you’re not physically ready to shake it all night long on the dance floor.


You’re in the right place and I’m going to tell you exactly how my 21 Day Challenge will give you the tools, guidance, and encouragement on your journey to build back your dancing better than before.



A 3 week program that uses Solo Jazz to work on your dancing, get you moving, and build the amazing habit of dancing every day. Each 10-15 minute video builds on the last, and throughout the program you're improving your technique, gaining new skills, and building back your stamina so you're ready to get back on the dance floor.



We dive into classic solo jazz steps with rhythm and style to get you not just doing them but dancing them 


We build on our solid foundation and add complexity and variations to take it to the next level


We take everything we've learned and streamline it for faster tempos while building our stamina back


The 21 Day Challenge will help you build a habit of putting dance back in your everyday life and give you more confidence to get back to what you can’t wait to do: dance all night long.


“During this pandemic I was not happy with my routine. I was eating a lot, not exercising. I said “I need to change this”. The 21 Day Challenge gave me the first step, a working plan.

I’ve been taking different classes online regularly, but nothing compares to doing it daily. I can quit things easily but with just 21 days I knew I could see it through. The program got me into a daily habit mindset. When I started the Challenge I started running every day as well. Now I’ve completed the program but I’m still running every day!”


-Amaury Oberli

(but not for long!)


I know you will love the 21-Day Challenge and you can join right now! 



These dancers took the challenge and here’s what they have to say:


Amanda D.

I struggle with comparing my dancing to others, but the way Naomi structured our personal progress videos really helped me shift my priorities when it came to watching myself dance. I watched them in the order she wanted, with the advice she gave, and every time I saw something that I liked.


I’ve tried other programs but never got past the first week. I have a hard time with staying motivated. This is the first program I’ve completed and I’m actually gonna start again tomorrow!

Nick Cruickshank.png

Nick C.

Dancing alone has been really difficult, but I didn’t feel alone taking the Challenge. It was me, all the other dancers doing it at the same time, and Naomi there every day.


I loved how we tracked our own progress week after week. I could see real improvements. I mean I’ve been doing fall off the logs for 5 years and look how much better they look after 5 days! Seeing that change energized me to keep going, and now that I’ve finished I have new steps and transitions in my repertoire.


Sandy B.

When the pandemic started I didn’t do much dancing. Although I deeply missed social dancing, the Challenge was a great reminder of how much I love the dance itself. I loved that each session didn’t take too much time and if I missed a day I could do one in the morning and one at night and catch up easily.


I’m waiting on 2 knee replacements so I have some limitations but I was able to dance through the whole 21 days and I enjoyed the challenge of dancing at a much faster pace!

What's Inside


21 days of dancing, with a different focus each week

Week 1 BG Everything.png


Week 1 BG Just Naomi.png

We work with and refine classic jazz steps. This isn’t about just running them for cardio. This is about improving the quality of your dancing. This is where I share tips and insights from my 20 years of teaching to make you look and feel your best while doing them.

Week 2 BG Everything.png


Week 2 BG Just Naomi.png

We’re leveling up! I throw multiple variations and new steps at you to increase the challenge and gain new skills. We're building on the  solid foundation from week 1 and taking it to the next level with me breaking it all down for you step by step.

Week 3 BG Everything.png


Week 3 BG Just Naomi.png

We’re turning up the tempo. It’s time to get your breath back so you’re ready to get back on the floor. I’ve structured this whole week to set a new tempo standard for what’s not just possible but dance-able. Each day I give you practical tips on how to economize and streamline your steps to make them work better at any speed.


Plus these bonuses to help you make the most of your challenge


21DC Workbook 2 Page.png
21DC Workbook 2 Page.png

My tips for being consistent and all your notes in one handy journal

The 21-Day Challenge Workbook is a place to reflect and write in each day. Jot down helpful tips you don’t want to forget, write about what you still need to work on, and track the progress you’re making. It’s the perfect companion to the Challenge and an easy way to have all your notes in one place.



6 weeks of live Q&A sessions with Naomi 

You won’t be doing this alone. The community of dancers inside the Challenge is there to support you, hold you accountable, and be your cheerleader as we get this done together. In addition to the connections you’ll make inside the group, I will be there Live each week to answer any of your questions and motivate you to follow through. 


Both bonuses are included in the Challenge!



Questions you may have before signing up: 

Can I do this if I’ve never tried solo jazz?

No, this course isn’t for you. Although I do cover some fundamentals during week 1 I escalate the difficulty and push the tempo in weeks 2 and 3. This program is for intermediate dancers who have tried some solo jazz before and want a challenge, and more advanced dancers who are ready to level up and build a daily dance habit.

Do I need a partner?

Not at all. We’ll be using solo jazz as our medium for sharpening your skills and building up your stamina so it’s all solo. BUT if you need someone to hold you accountable and keep you showing up, don’t worry! You can find an accountability partner, to keep you motivated and cheer you on, in the private Facebook group.

I have a busy schedule. Will I be able to fit this in?

Absolutely! Each challenge day is around 10-15 minutes. Getting you warmed up, improving, and dancing it out without a huge time commitment. It’s easy to fit this into your daily schedule and even though each video is short in 21 days the work really adds up.

Is this a download? Can I keep the videos forever?

No, this is streaming 4K video, easily played on any device. The Challenge will be accessible to you for 6 weeks after you join. That give you 6 weeks to finish a 3-week course (because life happens sometimes). Why set a time limit? 3 reasons:


1. Because this isn’t about owning something you can put off using. I want you dancing with me everyday. I want you getting RESULTS, and giving you a deadline is a way to get you motivated.

2. With the private Facebook group you’re entering a community of dancers who are all taking the challenge at the same time. Even though the program is solo it makes a difference when we do it together.

3. Personal Live access to me. I’ll be showing up for Live Q&A sessions every week for 6 weeks and that’s not something I can do year round. I want to give everyone taking the Challenge all the answers and support they need from me to make it to the finish line.

Money Strip.png

Ready to get more dancing in your life?


Who's This For

You should give the 21-Day Challenge a try if any of these sound like you:


There is zero prep required for going out and dancing for the first glorious time in way too long but sitting out most of the night because you’re too winded doesn’t sound like fun. You’ve had those beautiful moments in the past when your body and your ideas were in sync. That’s one of the reasons you love dancing so much, it’s how you express yourself. The more your body is ready to go the more you can share that expression, and man there’s a lot to express after all this time!


The 21 Day Challenge is not a random workout, it’s working on the dance you love, it’s improving the quality of your movement, it’s pushing the tempo and getting your breath back so you’re ready to DANCE all night long.

1.Your heart is 100% ready to dance but your body is another story


This has been a tough year, I mean a really stinkin’ nobody-asked-for-it tough year and having something to show for it would mean a lot. You tried some new hobbies and watched some new shows, but the thing you really care about is dancing. That has been one of the hardest things about all this- not getting to dance and losing that sense of community.

I’ve built the 21-Day Challenge to build your dancing back better than before. What if you could come out of this pandemic with more dance skills than when it started? And you’re not doing it alone. Our online community is full of dancers who are in the same boat as you, taking the challenge at the same time, ready to get back to dancing and get back to doing it together.

2. You want to make all this time away from dancing mean something


You haven’t fallen off the dancing train (good for you!). You’ve had some fun online classes, and danced around your living room (it has helped keep you sane). But when it comes to changing the way you dance, knowing what to focus on, and making tangible improvements you’re at a loss. You are practicing but you don’t know if it’s making you any better. You’re ready to level up but you don’t know how.

You need a world-class instructor to coach you through a comprehensive step by step program so you’re not doing a little dancing here, a little cardio there, you’re actually improving, building on each practice, and tracking your progress throughout. With the 21-Day Challenge you’re not practicing for practice-sake, you’re getting the guidance you need to make a change in the way you dance.

3. You didn't stop dancing, but you want to level up and don’t know how.


“When the pandemic hit I took a break from dancing.With everything shut down I couldn’t find  the motivation or drive to dance.

Chris Walters photo cred Julia Reihs.jpg

I took the 21-Day Challenge because I could make it a part of my daily life. The lessons were short enough that I could stay really consistent. Naomi made me feel like there was no pressure to be perfect. That accepting vibe kept me coming back and the program became a relaxing time in my day. I’ve been dancing 21 years but I still found a lot to work on and now when I practice I have lots of new ideas.”

-Chris Walters

Hey there,


If you think this program might be for you then I know just how you feel because this is the program I was looking for and couldn’t find. Even a fancy dancer like me gets the no-dance blues, feels rusty and out of shape, and wants to get back to it. I knew my body needed a slow and steady ramp back into dancing. I wanted to build my dancing back so I could return to what I love best: dancing all night. That’s where the idea for the 21-Day Challenge was born.

What if there was a way to take a little time each day and build every practice on the last one, getting stronger and more confident as the time goes by?

What if someone you trust could guide you on your journey back to dancing, encourage you, challenge you, and connect you with your dancing self again?


I made this for you, and I can’t wait to dance with you every step of the way. After this hard time away from what we love best, you deserve to build your dancing back better than before.


Join me for the 21 Day Challenge and we’ll do it together.

Naomi signature.png
Money Strip.png

Join the 21-Day Challenge before it's gone!




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