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Welcome to our blog. This is where we share things about dance and music that inspire us. We hope it inspires you too!

Hey gang - it's been a while but I've got a gem to share with you. If you missed it when it was first released, this is an interview with a great dancer from the Savoy Ballroom conducted in 2008 as part of the Savoy 80th Anniversary celebration in NYC. Myself and Skye Humphries were enlisted to interview some of the dancers who got to dance at the Savoy back in the day. And, although we generally sucked at interviewing, the dancers themselves did not disappoint. Skye did this interview with Ms. Rheingold by himself and he gives a lovely introduction to it. These interviews are meant to be public domain so please share them with anybody you think may be interested! -P

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A few years ago I got Naomi a couple of instrumental albums called Jazz Minus 1, which basically some great jazz players playing through tunes and comping for a singer who wasnt there. Sort of high-class karaoke tracks for Naomi in case she was called upon to sing somewhere out of the blue.

That was the first time I heard Mal Waldron's name as it was his band that played on the records and today I stumbled upon this nice documentary of the man, and thought I'd share. His personality shines through and it is fascinating to watch him knowing he's lived so much of his life in Europe as many players did where they got much better respect and treatment.

Here's a link to the blog post where I found it:

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Well, LaTasha is at it again. She's taken her amazing project, "The Jazz Continuum" from Jacob's Pillow and developed it into a full show at the Joyce Theater. Here she is dancing with another amazing Lindy Hopper, Tyedric Hill.

It's so amazing to see all of the amazing art and culture that LaTasha is putting out there and I am so happy that she is getting the recognition she deserves! Check out this glowing review of the show and if you are anywhere close - GO!

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