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Peter Strom and Naomi Uyama are world-renowned Lindy Hop dancers and instructors. They have dedicated over 25 years to the Lindy Hop and vernacular jazz dances, winning champion titles at the International Lindy Hop Championships and the US Open Swing Dance Championships. They have performed and taught at the top festivals across 5 continents. Peter is a sought after teacher and MC, and runs both local classes at Uptown Swing in Minneapolis and the sell-out event The Uptown Swingout. Naomi is a respected instructor and DJ, who also leads and sings in the popular swing band "Naomi & Her Handsome Devils".

Together, Peter and Naomi are known for their strong partnership, dedication to teaching, and passion for Lindy Hop as a living dance with a rich history. As members of the global community it is their privilege to pass on their knowledge to dancers everywhere. Peter and Naomi are passionate about sharing their love of Lindy Hop with students of all levels and backgrounds, inspiring dancers to find joy, creativity, and connection through swing dancing.


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