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The Origin of "One O'Clock Jump"

Take a listen to this song above and see if it sounds familiar. Long story short this was the inspiration for the melody of one of the great swing songs of all time, "One O'Clock Jump' which became the theme song of the greatest swing band in history, the Count Basie Orchestra. Read more about how the song came about and got it's name in this brief article about the origin of the tune:

For those too lazy to click, here are some highlights:

  • The melody was lifted from "Six or Seven Times" by the Chocolate Dandies from 1929.

  • The original title within the band for the number was "Blue Balls".

  • The song became a huge hit for Benny Goodman as well, his first million-selling record.

And here's the song itself!

Here's a slightly more swingin' version of "Six or Seven Times" by Cab Calloway's Orchestra

So there you have it. -P

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