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The Nicholas Brothers - "I've Got a Gal in Kalamazoo"

If, for some reason, you haven't yet seen the Nicholas Brothers, then get ready for your life to change. These two are right up there at the top of any performers I have ever seen, and this clip from the movie "Orchestra Wives" may be my favorite clip of them, ranking it high among my favorite clips of all time.

Fayard (the taller one) is the older brother who taught his younger brother Harold to dance. Harold is simply a genius and able to do seemingly anything. And Fayard has always been my favorite for his style and his absolutely perfect-at-all times hands.

I was reminded of this clip during our Solo Jazz help today, because there are a couple jazz steps they do here that are a masterclass in understatement. And then there is everything else as well. These two were icons not only because of their amazing talent and skill, but also because they so often were able to perform not as servants, or chefs, or field hands as most black performers were forced to do but as high-class performers, dressed to the nines, the epitome of elegance.

Some things that I particularly enjoy:

The coolest Boogie forwards you've ever seen

Harold's insane spinning jump into the splits

Fayard's hands the entire time


Their beautiful ending pose and their exit

Their number begins at about 4 minutes in, but if you would like a little context, you can watch the clip from the beginning and see what else was deemed entertaining and then imagine just how utterly mind-blowing the Nicholas Brothers were. (and are!)


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