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The Jazz Continuum: Aug 26 - Sept 9

FREE Digital Screening | August 26 – September 9 FREE Online premiere August 26 at 7:30pm Eastern

Hey peeps, just wanted to make sure that you heard about a great project that was put together by the great LaTasha Barnes. The online premiere is tomorrow nigh and you can check out some amazing dancing from some great Lindy Hoppers and their friends that was performed/recorded at Jacob's Pillow this year. From the Jacob's Pillow website:

The Jazz Continuum exploration centers the prolific artistry of Jazz music and dance as a cornerstone of Black American dance forms. Through this acclaimed series, LaTasha Barnes and her cast of masterful dancers and musicians embody, amplify, and showcase the power of Jazz dance and Lindy Hop to their personal dance journeys and the art form as a global phenomenon.

Get your free tickets to an online viewing of this event here:

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