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The 5 things Skye does for solo practice

Updated: Apr 21, 2021

We asked Skye what he does to get the most out of practicing solo. Here's are his 5 steps:

1. I book studio space (I know that's hard to do now). Both the cost and the scheduling motivate me.

2. I warm up by running there and I listen to music on the way.

3. I prepare a playlist of potential songs ahead of time. I make sure they are songs I don’t already know well. I put it on random so I’m inspired.

4. I usually work off a classic step for inspiration or if I have some new movement or rhythm I try to connect it in some way to a classic step.

5. Once I have a snippet of an idea I dance a phrase of music trying to combine whatever I have with that classic step. That helps me refine it or come up with something new.

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