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Remy and Alice with the partnered Big Apple

You may have seen this routine online but if you haven't yet you are in for a treat. I think Remy and Alice are 2 of the best dancers out there these days and man, can they churn out a myriad of solid choreographies, like allll the time. Not only do they come up with good stuff but they do it quickly, frequently, and are great performers. They certainly make me feel guilty for doing so many social demos! I asked Remy once how many routines he thought he had done in his lifetime and he couldn't imagine. He started dancing very young with boogie woogie which is such a competition heavy scene. I'd guess close to 1000?

The reason I'm highlighting this piece is I just love the concept - take a classic choreography (like Frankie' big apple) and use it as a creative catalyst. I have often found personally that when I start with classic stuff that I like what I create more than what I would come up with otherwise. Not just for authenticity's sake, but I tend to incorporate more of the rhythm and structure that makes Lindy Hop unique. I think they did a great job with it.


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