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Ramona's 3 essentials for practicing at home

Updated: Apr 21, 2021


little advice on what you need to practice solo at home from the fabulous Ramona:

1. Good music. My number one thing for practicing at home is music that moves you, music that motivates you. Music is my partner when I’m dancing solo, so I want it to be good! Haha. I am not alone. The music I play creates a mood, it changes the energy in the room, it gives me something to respond to.

2. Frequency over duration. Build some momentum! Shoot for shorter practices more often, rather than one really long session once a week. The more I dance the better, and my body feels more ready to go when I’ve been at it already. Keep the blade sharp!

3. Watch yourself. I have grown because I reflect. I go back and observe. Through recording some portion of my practice, I am able to experience my dancing from another perspective, and I can then make decision about what’s working for me, and what’s not. It’s hard. Perception and reality can vary greatly, and maybe I see things that I would rather change, but it’s good practice to let go of judgement and try to see what’s really there. An added bonus for me is that I am such a performer, that I dance better when the camera is rolling. Dance is a form of communication, so when I have someone to talk to, it feels more real. So even if I am talking to myself (I’m the only one looking at the video), I still get a chance to be put on the spot, to practice saying something.

Oh, and use a metronome when working on steps and rhythms!!!

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