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NPR Jazz Profile - Harry "Sweets" Edison

Photo by Lionel Decoster, via Wikimedia Commons

Given his nickname by that prolific creator of jazz slang, Lester Young, Harry "Sweets" Edison was a master of the jazz trumpet. He is another of the countless jazz players who was inspired by Louis Armstrong to take up the trumpet and he eventually played with such greats as the Mill Blue Rhythm Band, the Count Basie Orchestra, and Ben Webster and more.

I heard about this audio documentary from our pal Felix Berghäll at ILHC this year. And he said HE found it because of the NPR Jazz Profile of Illinois Jacquet that I've already shared here (another one to NOT miss). Such fun connections!

It is a truly pleasurable listen and you will likely learn a lot. Some highlights for Lindy Hoppers to listen for are:

  1. The talk of "swing" in the Count Basie band. (Lindy Hoppers are mentioned!)

  2. Basie's approach to band-leading and how the Basie band works as a musical entity

  3. Albert Murray talking about anything - he is the greatest - check out some of his books if you haven't!

  4. Edison's unique sensibilities in his playing

There are tons of gems in there and a lot that really got me thinking about great jazz and great dancing.

Check out the full audio doc for free here:

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