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Favorite Clips - Frida and Sakarias performance

Alright, by the people's request - a fave modern clip.

If you don't know Frida then get the heck out of here. Moving on...

In my opinion Sakarias Larsson is the best modern lindy hopper you've never heard of. He was Frida's partner on the Rhythm Hot Shots through their transition into the Harlem Hot Shots in the early 2000s. His timing and lines are insane and I believe if he had the desire to be traveling the world as a top instructor he absolutely would be, but that's not where his focus is these days. His main project is drummer in a rock band, although he still maintains a link to the Stockholm Lindy scene as a mentor to newer dancers and manager of a local venue. Anyways definitely check him out, you can thank me later.


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