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Dizzy Gillespie Documentary

Check out this great documentary on Dizzy Gillespie. It's got some really interesting interviews and archival footage.

Here are some highlights:

  • Dizzy & some of his bandmates talk about playing with Billy Eckstein's band and Earl Hines's band. (check our blog post o n Earl Hines, whose band was famously an incubator for the innovators or Be Bop)

  • Dizzy busting out the shim sham as he was wont to do and listen to how the drummer is exactly with him in the moment. You can tell he knows the shim sham too.

  • Some of the band members mention Be Bop as focused more on the music than the dancers (as swing had been before) and Dizzy agrees while at the same time saying he always could dance to it.


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