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Chester and Sing in 1999

Updated: Apr 21, 2021

Here are Chester Whitmore and Sing Lim teaching in Herräng Dance Camp in 1999. I've referenced the first solo jazz part to students but I wanted to include a little more footage so we get a little element of partnering in there as well.

This clip is holds very true to the title of our "Inspiration Blog". While watching it some of the jazz steps were so compelling I had to stand up and try them on the spot. I worked steps from this video into my most recent (November 2020) level 3+ class as well as a future Solo Jazz Retreat routine. Thanks Chester!

Since I'm creating a lot of routines to teach you guys I can't avoid the fact that I have some go-to steps and I start to get sick of repeating myself. It's great to find some inspiration and try another dancer's ideas, and it's a privilege to pass them on to you.


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