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For our level 2, 3, +4 members, 7 DAYS OF DANCING is a way to implement our videos, practice collectively, and challenge ourselves to dance everyday for a week. We're starting this Sunday July 18th!

The idea is to follow the practice schedule for watching videos each day and on the 7th day our level 3+4 members have a live class where we incorporate both steps, and all our members get our live practice session with many of the dancers there focused on the same steps and working on the same stuff.

For July we chose One Step Many Ways: Pushes and Screwball. For Pushes we just did one variation per day to keep your practices nice and short. This is what your week will look like:

Do you have to do it? Nope, it's your choice. What if you miss a day? No problem. We just want to give people an incentive to dance daily but it's not required. Happy practicing!

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