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"When I joined the membership I found a way to start dancing again."  - Ian F.


We're more than a membership, we're a community


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You love dancing

and we're here to help!

  • Do you want to practice but need help to do it?

  • Do you want to improve but don't know where to start?

  • Are you excited to get better at dancing this year?

Then you're in the right place. Besides having hundreds of instructional videos, we also offer monthly guided practice programs, live classes, and live practice sessions for all our members. We're here to help you on your dance journey.


Our Membership Includes

100's of videos with Step by step instruction

Live class & Practice Programs every month

Featured artist music playlists & themed video playlists

Connect w/other members via our Facebook group

In our instructional videos we break down the steps, making it easy to follow along. We have dedicated video chapters for practicing with us, troubleshooting, and refining the moves.

What our members are saying

Andrew Jose photo cred Jeff

Andrew J.

 When I decided to get back to [dancing] Peter and Naomi were the first place I went. I can tell they really enjoy their online community and it shows. I love the Solo Jazz Retreats and the live class makes me feel connected with the other students.


Being a member has given me more confidence to make my own videos and put my dancing out there in the world.


Ellie B.

When I joined the membership, what stood out to me was how inclusive and welcoming Peter and Naomi and the other dancers were.

I’m a social person and really love the live events—especially the community practice sessions. It feels so good to move and once I get going it's like a positive feedback loop that makes me want to dance more and more!

Steve Vincent.jpg

Steve V.

I've subscribed to several online dance schools and didn't have time for all of them. Peter and Naomi's group is the one I continue to support because it provides great lesson videos, interesting historical materials and a reminder of what I love in general about the Lindy community.


It's not just a dance school here, but truly a community touchpoint. 


Our Video Libraries


Community Events

Community Events

Community Events

Instructional Videos

Instructional Videos

Instructional Videos

Solo Jazz Retreats

Solo Jazz Retreats

Solo Jazz Retreats

Masters Challenges

Masters Challenges

Masters Challenges

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Community Events

Our Community Events video library has our past live events, including all our full-length classes and dance discussions.

You can also find exclusive workshops with special guest instructors, and talks with some of our favorite dancers. We even post workshop videos that we’ve recorded for big dance events. You’ll find it all here!


"I have a practice group and we use the Masters Challenges as a way to get creative. We'll build a routine around them or take a single step and work that into our dancing.


One of my favorite parts of the instructional videos is 'Troubleshooting'. It helps me diagnose what's going wrong, and dance with a wider range of people."


-Bryan S.


Our Live Events

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Practice Programs

Every Month

Live Solo Jazz Class

Community Practice

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Each month you get an exclusive live solo jazz workshop where you can ask questions in real time and dance together with our community of dancers around the world.

Our interactive practice sessions are all about taking the next step with what you’ve learned. We guide you through the process from getting creative to collaborating with other dancers.

We have a bunch of different practice program each month, designed to guide you through some of our videos and get you dancing about 5-10 minutes a day. We have gathered all of our 7-day program on one page and now, for 2023, we are adding something special to our membership...

Now included in your membership!




A comprehensive program for building up your

solo jazz skills, stamina, and speed

The 21 Day Challenge is the only program of it’s kind that gives you consistent practice while helping you improve in just 10 min a day.


21 days of dancing, with a different focus each week

Learn more about...

Week 3 BG Everything.png


Week 3 BG Just Naomi.png

We’re turning up the tempo. I’ve structured this whole week to set a new tempo standard for what’s not just possible but dance-able. Each day I give you practical tips on how to economize and streamline your steps to make them work better at any speed.

Week 2 BG Everything.png


Week 2 BG Just Naomi.png

We’re leveling up! I throw multiple variations and new steps at you to increase the challenge and gain new skills. We're building on the  solid foundation from week 1 and taking it to the next level with me breaking it all down for you step by step.

Week 1 BG Everything.png


Week 1 BG Just Naomi.png

We work with and refine classic jazz steps. This isn’t about just running them for cardio. This is about improving the quality of your dancing. This is where I share tips and insights from my 20 years of teaching to make you look and feel your best while doing them.

We took the challenge...


Amanda D.

I struggle with comparing my dancing to others, but the way Naomi structured our personal progress videos really helped me shift my priorities when it came to watching myself dance. I watched them in the order she wanted, with the advice she gave, and every time I saw something that I liked.


I’ve tried other programs but never got past the first week. I have a hard time with staying motivated. This is the first program I’ve completed and I’m actually gonna start again tomorrow!

Nick Cruickshank.png

Nick C.

Dancing alone can be really difficult, but I didn’t feel alone taking the Challenge. It was me, all the other dancers doing it at the same time, and Naomi there every day.


I loved how we tracked our own progress week after week. I could see real improvements. I mean I’ve been doing fall off the logs for 5 years and look how much better they look after 5 days! Seeing that change energized me to keep going, and now that I’ve finished I have new steps and transitions in my repertoire.


Sandy B.

When the pandemic started I didn’t do much dancing. Although I deeply missed social dancing, the Challenge was a great reminder of how much I love the dance itself. I loved that each session didn’t take too much time and if I missed a day I could do one in the morning and one at night and catch up easily.


I’m waiting on 2 knee replacements so I have some limitations but I was able to dance through the whole 21 days and I enjoyed the challenge of dancing at a much faster pace!


Questions you may have before joining: 

Are your videos for beginner dancers? Advanced dancers?

These videos are for intermediate to very advanced lindy hoppers.  We don't have any videos for beginners though we have thought about making some for a separate project someday.

Do I need a partner?

No, we know a lot of dancers are on their own these days so we have a ton of videos you can use without a partner. You can work on solo jazz for yourself, or try our footwork variations and drills for improving your partnered dancing while on your own. 

Do you offer full-length classes or shorter instructional videos?

We have both! Our Instructional Videos are around 5 - 30 min long with built-in time for practice and helpful tips. We also have a large library of full classes that we have live streamed for our members and even some that we have produced for other events.

Are you releasing new content?

We have built up a large library of videos, but our goal is to be more than just a library of great content. We hope to foster community and inspire dancers to develop a practice of dancing more often, because when you are dancing you having fun, and most often learning as well!

To that end we will always have 2 live events and at least one new video each month, and sometimes more when we have special guests or bonus content to share.


How does payment work?

You can pay with a credit card or Paypal. You will be charged after your 7-day free trial ends and then monthly thereafter. It's easy to cancel anytime.

What if I sign up but it's not for me?

You will have a 7-day free trial to try out our membership to see if you'd like to keep it. After that you can still cancel anytime via the "my subscriptions" tab under your member profile. You won't be charged again and you will have access until the end of your billing period.

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Become a member of our online community!

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