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September Live Events

Here are the September live events for our members here on !

We typically do solo jazz for live events so we thought we'd change it up with bonus all member partnered lindy hop class this month.

Instead of 7 Days of Dancing this month Naomi is doing a 5 Day Mini Challenge! Just 10-15 min a day, streamed live but recorded for anyone who misses it. This is will be open to the public to help promote the September release of The 21-Day Challenge, but like our 7 Days of Dancing, Naomi will be using some of the work we do this week to incorporate in the...

Live Solo Jazz Class for Levels 3+4 and our monthly Practice with a Pro!

And last but certainly not least we've got special guest Tena Armstrong, founder and director of ILHC, chatting with us about contests. She's one of our very favorite people in the scene so we are looking forward to this.

Happy September,

Peter & Naomi

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