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Our salad days in Herräng

Updated: Apr 21, 2021

Well I promised some old modern scene clips, some which are mildly embarrassing and this certainly fits the bill :) As you guys may know we're about to launch a YouTube channel so I've been combing through semi-old footage that isn't online yet. I think our little niche will be some old-modern clips, mixed with original stuff by us, and some teasers for the Patreon.

Alright, enough of me trying to change the subject. Here we are 15 years ago. It was my very first time teaching in Herräng (Peter had assisted Sylvia before). We had taught together a few places but we wouldn't fall for each other for 4 more years. I've put the whole clip here on Patreon but will put an edited version on YouTube because:

Fun fact #1 if you use Buster Smith's song "Kansas City Riffs" YouTube won't let you show your video in the US (who knew?)

and for a little back story:

Fun Fact #2 that is definitely Skye Humphries clapping on the 1 during our recap just to f with us.


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