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Art Ford's Jazz Party

Here's another gem on the Jazz with Jarvis YouTube channel. It's a live TV show with some really great players from the swing era. The video quality is pretty low, but the music is great. You can watch the whole thing via this link and here's the info from the video:

Personnel: Coleman Hawkins - tenor sax,

Alex Templeton - piano

Roland Hanna - piano

Johnny Windhurst - trumpet

Tyree Glenn - trombone

Hank D’Amico - clarinet

Theodor Charles - vibraphone

Mary Osborne - guitar

Morey Feld - drums

Art Goldberg - bass

Maxine Sullivan - vocal

Air Date: September 18, 1958

Jazz Party, also known as Art Ford's Jazz Party, was a TV series featuring Jazz musicians on WNTA-TV in New York City, and which aired on Thursdays at 9pm ET from May 8, 1958 to December 25, 1958. It was a more music-focused continuation of Art Ford's Greenwich Village Party, arguably the last series to appear on the DuMont Television Network, which ceased operations on 6 August 1956, though only broadcast on WABD as that station was becoming WNEW-TV after the sale of the DuMont-owned stations to Metromedia.

The 90-minute shows, hosted by Art Ford (1921-2006), were distributed by the NTA Film Network. The shows were also aired on Armed Forces Television. All episodes were filmed in a New Jersey studio, except for the final episode, which was recorded August 11, 1958 in New Orleans, and aired on December 25.

Musicians who appeared on the series included Billie Holiday, Coleman Hawkins, Henry "Red" Allen, Pee Wee Russell, Marty Napoleon, Georgie Auld, Buster Bailey, Vinnie Burke, Roy Eldridge, J. C. Higginbotham, Les Paul, Dick Hyman, Anita O'Day, Connee Boswell, Mae Barnes, Chris Connor, Sylvia Sims, Mary Osborne, Teddy Charles, Harry Sheppard, Maxine Sullivan, Alec Templeton, Abbey Lincoln and many others.

1.) Introduction 00:00

2.) I've Found a New Baby (Jam Session) 1:50

3.) Jeepers Creepers (Tyree Glenn) 10:40

4.) Ace In The Hole (Maxine Sullivan) 14:00

​5.) Lover Come Back To Me (Roland Hanna) 17:16

6.) This Can't Be Love (Hank D'Amico) 22:11

7.) Moonglow (Alex Templeton) 25:02

8.) Pennies From Heaven (Johnny Windhurst) 32:18

9.) I Can´t Get Started (Maxine Sullivan) 36:53

10.) Just You, Just Me (Coleman Hawkins) 39:55

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