Work on your Lindy Hop from the comfort (or discomfort) of your own home with our online content!


Video Lessons

  • Lindy Hop

  • Charleston

  • Solo Jazz

  • Variations

  • Drills & more

Our instructional videos range from about 10-20 minutes and we have a variety of types of videos for solo dancers and for those with partners. We offer our videos in 4k with chapters to make it easier for you to practice along with us.


Live Events

  • Full Classes

  • Guest Artists

  • Community Chats

Each month we have live community events as well as some full-length classes. Occasionally we bring in special guest teachers and artists to teach and have an online discussion.

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  • Master's Challenges

  • Solo Jazz Retreats

  • Community Challenges

Each month we produce a solo jazz choreography as well as a partnered "Masters Challenge" choreography and different levels have access to the breakdown videos for those pieces. So whether you are by yourself or looking for a challenge with your partner, we've got you covered!


& More...

  • Inspiration Blog

  • Exclusive Music Playlists

  • Facebook Group access

In addition to special practice playlists, all of our members get access to our private Facebook group and our inspiration blog where we share videos, music, and articles that inspire us and can spark a discussion in our membership community. We hope to offer more than just resources, but rather a community that will be there as you learn.


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