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Select your membership level below to be taken to your dashboard:


How to navigate our site:

Each month our new videos will be directly available via your dashboard page (links above). From the dashboard, you can access the full pages for -

  • Livestreams

  • Main videos

  • Solo jazz retreats

  • Masters challenges

  • Music playlists

  • Quick links

- depending on your membership level. Bookmark the dashboard for quick access to everything!

How to use our video player?

Our videos have chapters marking different sections of the lesson as well as all of the practices so that you can easily jump back and get more practice. 

You can adjust the video playback speed & video quality so you're sure to catch everything. (see below)

Video Key alpha.png

Where do I hear about live events? And where do I get links?

We will post information about live events in 3 places:

  1. As private posts on our blog

  2. As events in our private Facebook group

  3. As events in our Google calendar

The 3 most recent announcements will always be visible at the top of your Dashboard page. Links to live streamed events will only be available in the blog posts and different levels will have access to different posts.


Most events (always classes) get recorded and posted a few days later. 

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