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We've traveled the world competing, judging, performing, and most of all teaching the Lindy Hop for over 20 years. At Uptown Swing we brought that experience and expertise home to beginners and created a community of dancers that we could not be more proud of. Now, after creating online lessons for our more advanced dancers, we are ready to create an online learning space for beginners so they can enjoy this amazing dance!


We believe that dancing is more than just movement & that the Lindy Hop is more than just a collection of steps, it is an expression of culture. That's why we seek to offer not only great steps and technique, but also great music new and old, and resources on the history of the dancers, musicians, and the places that made swing come alive in the first place. Lindy Hop is alive and current for us, and we want to help you feel some of that energy for yourself!

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